23 Apr 20 Update – Just hit 5000+ downloads…..


26 Feb 18 Update – Just hit 3000+ downloads…..


01 Dec 17 Update – Just checked Freshdesk and discovered we have now had 2000+ downloads. Once again, thanks for trying Herschel.


22 Aug 17 – A big “thank you” to everyone who’s downloaded Herschel since we started our modest Google AdWords campaign in May 2017.  1000+  downloads and rising!

We hope you’re finding it useful.

Remember there’s loads of information about using and implementing Herschel in our online knowledgebase.  To access this, install Herschel and click the ? button in the main Herschel window.

Google AdWords is interesting.  Here are our top tips to maximise your return:

  1. Read a book or two before you start.  “Google AdWords for Beginners” by Corey Rabazinski is thin but comprehensive.
  2. In our opinion it’s best to avoid AdWords Express as it doesn’t give enough control.  Opt instead for a full AdWords account.
  3. Set your geographic areas carefully so you don’t waste money displaying your ads to people who are in the wrong country.
  4. The quickest way to find those elusive keywords that convert is to start with a big list and then see what happens.
  5. We found we had a greater conversion rate when we weren’t top in the results – possibly because we attracted people who were systematically working through the page and had a real intent.
  6. Do A/B testing with ads.  Annoyingly the ads you love probably won’t be the ones that convert!
  7. Every week check the search terms people used to get to your site and add any stupid ones to your ever-growing list of negative keywords.
  8. Almost every automatic recommendation Google makes to improve your campaign won’t work and will mean wasting money.  Ignore them.
  9. Use Google Analytics as well as AdWords to see what’s actually happening on your site.
  10. Download the Google Analytices and AdWords apps.  They work well – although you’ll soon be addicted to them.

Have fun!