Herschel ERP: The Free And Simple Way to Control Your Inventory, Warehouse, Purchasing, Sales, Kitting and Manufacturing.

With over 3000+ users and counting, Herschel is a solid and proven solution.


Easy To Use Software: Driven By Our Users.

Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our software and ensure it does what our customers want. We care about your business running smoothly, which is why we offer amazing support. In addition, we offer free updates with new options suggested by our users.

You can count on us.

Users Like You & Counting
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Flexible Possibilities: The Only System You Need

Herschel’s powerful ERP options, along with its unique multi-window approach, lets you use it to easily control your business in a way that suits you. No two Herschel installations will ever be the same.

Incredible Features: The Proof Is In The Pudding

Herschel is loaded with useful options, and its interface is clean and elegant. We’ve listened to our customers for over 25 years and built the system to solve their problems. Herschel is not only built by us, but also by them.

Super-Fast Design

100% hand coded for maximum speed, each Herschel algorithm has been honed to run as quickly as possible, even on older computers.

Multiple Windows

We’ve designed Herschel so that each option runs in a separate window. So you can open as many options as you want to at the same time.

Multiple Users

Herschel can support up to 30 concurrent users. And each user can open as many option windows as they want.

A Shared Database

Your valuable business information is stored in one, safe database. And any changes are immediately shown on everyone’s system.

Advanced Reports

Herschel’s reporting options make it easy to see exactly what’s happening in your business. Value your stock, print a list of orders, cost your products, to name a few.

Password Controlled

Every user’s access to the system is password controlled. You can control what they’re allowed to do and what they can’t. And see everything they’ve done.

Rapid Searches

You can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds. Search by order, customer, vendor – even look for a fragment of description or name.

Post-It Eradication

As you use the system’s options they intelligently remember the information you enter, so there’s no need to jot anything down. And when you log in again the details from your last session are recalled

Built-In Emailing

Herschel links with your Outlook so you can email from within the system. It’s simple, fast and logical.

These Are Just A Few Great Features, There Are Lots More

  • 150+ powerful options

  • 110+ comprehensive reports

  • Intuitive option linking

  • Straightforward installation

  • Step by step implementation

  • In-depth training videos (coming 2017)

  • Custom documents with your logo

  • Cleverly colour coded options

  • Date & user stamp on transactions

  • Simple to use stock control tools

  • Reorder point control made easy

  • Useful pictures of stock items

  • Stock valuations in a moment

  • Stock taking streamlined

  • Complex multi-level assemblies

  • Your assemblies costed instantly

  • Purchase orders controlled

  • Purchase receipts recorded

  • Awesome sales order processing

  • Invoice the instant you ship

  • Links to Sage to reduce rekeying

  • Flexible works order kitting

  • Advanced MRP planning

  • Detailed shopfloor routings

  • Full shopfloor control

  • Purchasing history kept for ever

  • Complete sales history stored


Use Your Existing Hardware and Software

You won’t need to buy new computers to run Herschel. It will work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. All at the same time. And you won’t need any expensive additional software like SQL Server either. Herschel has it all built-in.


Ridiculously Easy Installation, Data Import And Staff Training

Many software packages are difficult to install. Who needs that hassle? We don’t. Herschel offers a quick, easy setup with a step by step checklist to follow. And if you can get your existing data into a spreadsheet then Herschel can import it. Our easy to understand solutions and new videos will get your staff up to speed in the shortest time possible.


Flexible Enough To Work In Any Environment

Herschel can cope. Whether you’re making assemblies with hundreds of components, or just a handful, or producing single components, or you’re a distributor, you can control your business effortlessly.

Large batch subcontract assembly

Small batch subcontract assembly

Wiring loom assembly

Moulded seals and components

Bespoke lighting

Food and cosmetics

Welded fabrications

Assembled products

Machined components

User Comments: We Love our Users. And They Love Using Herschel.

We are fully dedicated to supporting our users. When your business relies on Herschel, you know you can rely on professional support from our experts. We wrote it, we know it.

“The Herschel System is now central to the way we operate.”

The Herschel System is now central to the way we operate.  It’s a powerful system and we’re still finding new ways to use it.  It runs all areas of the business – we couldn’t imagine being without it now. ”
– MD, electronics sub-contractor

We like being able to contribute our suggestions about how the software should be developed – this seems to be a unique aspect of Herschel Systems.  When I saw some of the new features I was delighted.  They make my job so much easier. 
Production Manager, Electrical Assembly
Update :- we have just completed another year with a 22% increase in turnover 25% increase in output over last year – a 350% increase in turnover over 4 years.
Production Manager, Tube Forming
When a customer rings, our system means that we often know more about what they’ve ordered than they do!
Sales Director, Component Manufacture