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We Love Checklists

Why spend months looking for ERP software when you could simply start using Herschel today?

Our ridiculously simple installation process has been fine-tuned over the years to make it fool-proof.

Just follow our installation checklist.

Once you’ve installed Herschel, it’s easy to share it across your network by following our networking checklist.

And you won’t need expensive consultants to implement the system for you – just visit our Freshdesk solutions where you’ll find detailed implementation checklists for each Herschel module.

A few things to remember – Herschel ERP is a Windows application.  It will run on one Windows device or a network of Windows devices.  It won’t work on a Mac or an iOS or android device. Herschel is a multi-currency system and you can set your own local currency and purchase tax name. The application is only available in English.

Making Life Simple

Herschel will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. You can have a mixture of Windows on your network and Herschel will run on all of them at the same time.
Herschel has its own built-in super-fast database engine and PDF generator. You won’t need to purchase any expensive extra software (like SQL Server) to run the system.
The hand-crafted Herschel code is very, very compact. If you’re sharing it across your network you won’t need to install it on each PC – it’s so small your staff can run it straight from your server.

Everything you'll need is in one file!

Simply download and install!