About Herschel

Herschel is named after the astronomer Fredrick William Herschel. Scanning the night sky from his back garden in Bath, England in 1781, he focused his telescope on an intriguing disc of light.

At first he thought he had seen a comet, but in fact he had discovered Uranus, the first planet to be identified since prehistoric times.

This discovery brought Herschel world-wide fame and led to his appointment as personal astronomer to George III in 1782. He went on to chart a vast number of new celestial bodies, and has been described as “the father of stellar astronomy”.

Herschel Systems is a small UK company founded by Kevin Thomas in 1992. We have always developed all our own awesome software (rather than sell someone else’s package) and technical support is provided by the dedicated experts who actually wrote the code.

Our software really does solve many of the day to day problems faced by manufacturing and distribution companies.  This is because we developed Herschel by asking ourselves what amazing tools we would have liked to have had when we worked in production and stock control.

Since version one of Herschel was released in 1992 it has evolved hugely and many powerful features have been added.  We are continually developing the system to take advantage of new software and hardware and, most importantly, to incorporate suggestions from our users.

Current Herschel Users Include