At the moment we have to search our files to find details of past sales and purchases. Can we speed this up?

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As each despatch note and purchase receipt is raised, its details are passed to the History module, which allows your staff to examine past sales and purchase records instantly. For example, if a customer calls to raise an order and asks how much they paid last time, the information can be recalled with just a few [...]

We have some products that are very small and we sell them in large quantities. Will this cause any problems?

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No problem at all, the Store module can record quantities from 999,999,999 down to 0.000001, and costs from 9,999,999 down to 0.000001, so most products can be accommodated. Herschel’s windows and reports use a cunning display method called “smart-formatting”. This shows only the number of decimal places needed to accurately portray a number and avoids [...]

We have big problems calculating what components should be issued to the shop floor. Can the system help us sort this out?

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Most companies spend ages working out what parts are needed and which works order requires which components. Herschel will make this area of your business so much easier you’ll wonder why on earth you ever did it the old way. When a works (manufacturing) order is raised in the Make module, Herschel looks in the [...]

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