Most companies spend ages working out what parts are needed and which works order requires which components.

Herschel will make this area of your business so much easier you’ll wonder why on earth you ever did it the old way.

When a works (manufacturing) order is raised in the Make module, Herschel looks in the Assemblies module and if an assembly for the product is found, a “kit” of components is created for the order. This kit can then be printed out and used by your stores staff to collect together the items required to make the order.

Or you can just flush components out of stock automatically. Or bulk issue them. It’s very, very flexible.

It is also simple to quickly trial kit an order. Herschel will analyse the kit and look up the available stock of each item. Any items that are short of stock can be identified at once.

Various trial kitting reports are also available – these can help you spot potential problem components early, before your staff walk in with an empty box.