It’s fair to say that if you don’t network Herschel then you’ll only scratch the surface of the amazing things it could do for your business.

If you have a network then your staff can use the system on a PC where they actually work. For example, your stores staff could enter details of receipts and despatches on their computer without having to come into the office. They can also do their own enquiries and print reports. Information gets onto the system much more quickly, and the faster you update the system the more accurate your data will be.

To use Windows networking (which comes free with Windows) you simply need to add some cheap network hardware and away you go.  Herschel has its own built-in, multi-user database, so you won’t need to purchase any additional software like SQL server.

And you won’t need to have a dedicated fileserver until you want to run Herschel on say ten or more PCs.