A relatively exciting new update to Herschel is now available here.

This version fixes several bugs and adds more functionality to smooth things along.

Here’s the list:

Various incorrect captions and text corrected.
Link to example spreadsheet added to plan module’s forecast tool import page.
Example plan spreadsheet also added to version 12 install.
Optimise your datafiles option now checks some vital files for data corruption and automatically fixes any errors found.
Bug fixed where route tool would not accept typed route number above 9.
Bug fixed where works order tool would not accept route numbers above 999.
Works order tool no longer uses last duedate if this date is in the past – today + 1 day is used instead.
3D effect removed on extended description and user defined pages of partnumber tool to make small font easier to read.
Where needed button added to partnumber enquiry.
System wide bug fixed where recycling windows function would give an error if the recycled window was minimised.
Adjust stock option can now update last stocktake date if required.
Incorrectly kitted works orders report now correctly handles backflushed only orders and orders with no kit lines.
Plan explosion now allows plan to be based on actual sales plus forecast sales.
Vendor performance report and customer vendor report now allow a seperate early and late limit to be set.
Clear receipts by vendor and clear receipts by number options now update partnumber latest cost, if applicable.
History module’s sales by customer and purchases by vendor reports can now filter by job number.
Make module’s orders by order number report can now filter by job number.
Bug in job cost details report filters corrected.
Last stocktake dates option can now set all items to the same date and also has family paste button.
Tidied up the button highlights on various order tools.
Bug fixed in sales order tool where header text tab remained active during add a new line.
Radio buttons now align correctly in print a kit list option.
Kit list and route card printing options now correctly expand job numbers which are order numbers eg. S237 will become S000000237.
Bug fixed where forecasts tool would allow entry of forecasts for blank partnumbers.
Bug fixed in VAT details tool where the button highlights took too long to appear.
Bug fixed where receive a works order option message was stuck at “backflushing”.
Sales history export to Excel option now works past 2016.
Various options now write their data to disk more agressively in order to keep sluggish servers up to date.