This upgrade fixes a few bugs and adds some useful new functionality.

One of the trickiest bits to get working was a facility in the Buy Module’s Purchase Order Tool to import order lines from a CSV file.  The Store and Plan modules’ re-ordering reports can now export to Excel. This means you can export a list of requirements into a spreadsheet, fiddle around with it in Excel, then save it as a CSV and quickly import the order lines back into Herschel.

Here’s a list of all the changes:

Assembly module’s where used enquiry and report now say “obsolete assembly” if appropriate.
Herschel buttons and option links now respond correctly to right and double mouse clicks, as well as left clicks.
Bug fixed in Buy module clear receipts by vendor and number options where double clicking on the date search would give an error.
Trial kit a partnumber can now print all items as well as just shortage items.
When idle, Herschel now opens a file once a minute to maintain internet / LAN connection.
Bug fixed where using family search would give an error.
Works order tool now shows a “creating kit list” and “creating route card” message to confirm what it’s doing.
Help button in main Herschel window now says “help” instead of “?” to make it more obvious.
Buy module’s purchase order enquiry option now shows vendor’s reference and job number for each order line.
Buy module’s receive a purchase order option now shows partnumber picture.
Store module’s partnumber tool no longer shows an error message if non-picture (e.g. PDF) file selected via picture file search button.
Sell module option despatch summary report & transfer can now export invoice details to Sage 200.
Bug fixed where sell module’s despatch summary report & transfer option figures were differing from invoices by a small amount due to rounding errors.
Buy module’s purchase order tool can now import order lines from a CSV file.
Bug fixed where partnumber search would occasionally not find records.
Manager option optimise your datafiles now also fixes occasional date sequence problems in history module’s options and reports.
Various other small errors corrected.

You’ll find a link to download the upgrade here.