A new update to Herschel is now available here.

We’re gradually working our way through the wishlist of items requested by you, our users.  If your suggestion isn’t included, please be patient – we’re working on 12.0028 at this very moment.

Here’s the list of changes in 12.0027:

Collection of Crystal Reports added to solutions knowledgebase.
Main Herschel window now updates business name if this is changed by my information tool.
Partnumber enquiry now has a where used button.
Partnumber search by description fragment now also searches partnumber as well as description fields.
To avoid confusion, Herschel now remembers seperate last job numbers for sales, purchase and works orders.
History module’s vendor purchases and customer sales enquiries now run more smoothly with very large datasets.
Sell module’s sales orders by customer report now has a from and to date range.
Terms and conditions can now be automatically attached to sales and purchase ordering emails. Search for “terms” in solutions knowledgebase to learn more.
Newsletter signup removed from login because it was annoying.
New time worked report added to shop module.
Various small bugs fixed.