Control Your Shopfloor

Herschel stores a sequence of manufacturing operations for an item, and creates a detailed route card to accompany each order.

Your staff then make simple bookings and the Shop module keeps track of where everything is. Work-to lists are generated automatically so your staff know what to do next.

And when an order is complete Herschel calculates the actual cost of producing the batch.  Total control, made simple!

Powerful, Helpful Features

Detailed Work-to lists can be printed for each of your production departments, eliminating guesswork when your staff decide which job to do next.
Your staff can quickly and easily tell Herschel the status of an order. Bookings of setup complete, items produced, rejects and setdown complete can be recorded.
Route cards can contain optional operations, giving your staff flexibility to include extra operations such as polishing or finishing.

You’ll find lots more valuable information about the Shop module here.

- Shop Module Herschel Systems Limited

Order Progress

As well as detailed progress reports, for instant updates a neat works order progress enquiry option shows you exactly how far an order has progressed through its route.

- Shop Module Herschel Systems Limited

Job Costing

The Shop module can record the hours worked on a batch, as well all the components used. By totalling up all these items an accurate, actual cost can be calculated. Useful reports compare actual costs to expected, and highlight any problem items.

- Shop Module Herschel Systems Limited

WIP Valuations

It’s usually very tricky to obtain an accurate valuation of work in progress. Not if you’re using Herschel. Select the WIP Valuation report and it’s done in moments.


The Shop module takes shopfloor control to the next level.

Loaded with powerful features, essential data, comprehensive reports & much more!