Sophisticated Planning For Your Business

Working from your sales orders and forecasts, our Plan module’s proven and rock-solid MRP algorithm calculates exactly what you need to order, and precisely when you need it.

The process can replace hours of manual calculation and input.

The comprehensive action lists tell your staff exactly what they need to order.

Problem items and orders are highlighted so they can be sorted out first, so you know you’re covered.

Powerful, Helpful Features

The Plan module allows you to use advanced ordering methods such as weekly batches, monthly batches, forecasted reorder point control and economic order quantities.
The MRP engine can be driven by your sales orders, your sales forecasts, or a mix of the two. You can also specify a planning horizon and rescheduling limits.
The Plan module is flexible and nimble enough to be used in varied business scenarios, from small batch sub-contract assembly to making large quantities of your own products.

You’ll discover a detailed explanation of the how the Plan module works here.

Plan Herschel Systems Limited

Fast Answers

When we first wrote our MRP engine back in 1992 it took about 20 minutes to process our complex test data. The same run now takes less than a second. You’ll get your results in moments too.

Plan Herschel Systems Limited

Detailed Answers

The Plan module’s action reports tell give your staff all the information they’ll need to order in line with the plan. The reports detail all new purchase and manufacturing orders needed, any that need rescheduling, and any that are no longer needed.

Plan Herschel Systems Limited

Future Redundant Stock

Redundant stock is usually identified by selecting items that haven’t been used for a set period. Herschel’s Plan module can tell you which items look like they’re going to be redundant in the future.


The Plan module is an incredibly powerful stock management tool.

Loaded with powerful features, essential data, comprehensive reports & much more!