Control What You Make

Our comprehensive Make module allows you to create a works order, telling your shopfloor exactly what to manufacture. It automatically links with the Assemblies module and creates a kit of parts for the order.

Herschel prints all the paperwork you need, such as labels, a kit list and a job sheet. Trial kitting allows you to discover shortages before they’re a problem.

No need to worry about keeping track, the module’s many reports make keeping on top of things easy.

Component are issued fast, and completed items are received into stock just as quickly.

Powerful, Helpful Features

Components can either be counted out and issued to orders, or you may prefer to backflush some items. Herschel can also cope with tooling and bulk issued items like fasteners.
Herschel can produce all the labels you’ll need, including labels for components as well as labels for the items being made.
If needed, your staff can record full batch details to provide full traceability. The system’s traceability searches make finding out what went where straightforward.

You’ll find lots more information about how the Make module works here.

Make Herschel Systems Limited

Intelligent Kit Refresh

If an order hasn’t started production then Herschel can automatically refresh its kit and route card. This means you can alter the assembly or route right until manufacturing begins. This is especially important in sub-contract situations.

Make Herschel Systems Limited

Trial Kitting

Incredibly powerful trial kitting enquiries and reports allow your staff to identify shortage components, long before they become problem components.

Make Herschel Systems Limited

Kit Manipulation

Herschel’s kitting options incorporate hundreds of user suggestions. Components can be swapped between kits, extra kit lines can be added, or kit lines can be deleted. The real world is untidy, but the Make module can take this in its stride.


The Make module is the solution to your kitting problems!

Loaded with powerful features, essential data, comprehensive reports & much more!