An Infinite Filing Cabinet

Our History module holds details of every sale and purchase you’ve ever made.

Its informative enquiries and reports bring your company’s history to your fingertips.

Answering customer and vendor enquires about past orders is simple, and the module’s optimised reports allow in depth analysis of profitability and performance.

Powerful, Helpful Features

All invoices are held for ever in the History module, so you can quickly respond to customer queries, or find out how much you charged last time.
All purchase receipts are held for ever in the History module, so you can quickly respond to vendor queries, or find out how much you paid last time.
Herschel can analyse your stock movement history and label each partnumber as A, B or C importance. Control the A items carefully and you’re focussing your efforts correctly.

You’ll find lots more information about the History module here.

History Herschel Systems Limited

Profitability Analysis

Herschel can quickly analyse your sales, and by comparing selling prices to costs it can show you your margins and mark-ups. You’ll quickly be able to identify low profit or even loss making items.

History Herschel Systems Limited

Vendor Performance

By comparing the dates when goods were promised and when they actually arrived, Herschel can show you clearly which vendors are performing well, and which ones aren’t. And it can do the same for your despatches, so you can see how good a vendor you are!

History Herschel Systems Limited

Redundant Stock

Herschel can search your past stock movements and help you identify any slow moving or unused stock. You can then decide whether it’s useful, or useless.


The History module keeps the past at your fingertips.

Loaded with powerful features, essential data, comprehensive reports & much more!