Control Your Buying

If you want to ship your products on time then effective control of the whole purchasing process is vital.

Our awesome Buy module stores full details of your vendors and their prices, allowing purchase orders to be raised in moments.

Keeping track of orders is simplified by Herschel’s beautifully targeted reports, and when goods arrive they can be booked into stock quickly and painlessly.

Powerful, Helpful Features

You can create purchase orders in any currency you wish. Herschel holds the current exchange rates for reporting.
Herschel is flexible enough to allow you to order in any unit of measure you wish. Goods are automatically received in your usual stock unit of measure.
Herschel can hold up to ten prices per partnumber per vendor, allowing you to cope with complex pricing situations.

You’ll find more detailed information on the Buy module here.

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PDF Output

All the documents Herschel creates, including purchase orders, are PDFs. This makes it simple for you to print, email or save them.

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Promises, Promises

If a vendor promises an item will arrive on a given date, you can record this information in Herschel.

Buy Herschel Systems Limited

Link To Accounts

Every receipt of goods can be cleared for payment in Herschel, and then passed to your accounts package for import. No need to re-key!


The Buy module is the ultimate way to control your purchasing!

Loaded with powerful features, essential data, comprehensive reports & much more!