Control Your Assemblies

To produce a product correctly you need a “recipe” or “parts list”.  This lists precisely what items go into the product.

Using our intuitive Assemblies module you can quickly build up parts lists for all your products. Complex products are no problem.

The assembly details are used by other Herschel modules to create kits of components and to work out what to order.

And once you’ve entered a product, you can calculate its cost instantly.

Powerful, Helpful Features

An assembly can contain other assemblies, and these sub-assemblies can also contain assemblies, allowing Herschel to handle complicated, multi-level products.
Herschel intelligently takes into account component scrap percentages when handling assemblies, so you can be sure you’re taking everything into account.
You can use different units of measure in assemblies if you need to. For example, you can stock an item in Kg but use grams in assemblies. Herschel converts automatically.

You’ll find full details of the Assemblies module here.

Assemblies Herschel Systems Limited

Roll Up Costs

Calculating costs can be a real headache. Thankfully, Herschel can instantly do this for you, totalling the price of every component in the assembly and also working down through every sub-assembly so nothing is missed.

Assemblies Herschel Systems Limited

Advanced Tools

Herschel has all the tools needed to painlessly manage your assemblies. You can copy or import other assemblies, easily find where an item has been used, and mass replace an item in one or more assemblies.

Assemblies Herschel Systems Limited

OK Or Not OK?

Every assembly can be clearly marked as being OK to make, not OK or obsolete. This ensures a product’s manufacture can’t start unless it’s approved.


The Assemblies module is the professional way to store your product details!

Loaded with powerful features, essential data, comprehensive reports & much more!