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Herschel Version 12.0021 Released

Another exciting update to Herschel is now available here.

This version squishes lots of bugs and changes the way discounted VAT is calculated.  Here’s the detail:

Bug fixed in despatch note tool where numbers could not be entered correctly.
PDF generator updated for greater speed and accuracy.
Copy buttons on partnumber enquiry, pricefile enquiry and purchase order tool now don’t move when window is resized.
References to “update order log” changed to “add more documents” to avoid confusion.
Caption corrected on create a set of orders option.
Sales pro-forma invoice and invoice now correctly show both bank detail lines.
Partnumber field widened on numerous documents and reports.
Receive free issue items option now updates last purchase receipt number.
Bug fixed where print letterhead radio button was sometimes not working.
Option access levels now match version 11 in all modules.
VENDOR.XLS now included in standalone installation.
Route tool now opens correct spreadsheet to show import details.
Sales history by month report now handles months correctly.
Bug fixed where purchase order tool and sales order tool new button did not clear update flag correctly.
Current window in focus now has an arrow icon.
Bug fixed where tooling items would cause error in roll up assembly costs option.
Bug fixed where create a set of orders tool gave an error message with some assemblies.
Bug fixed where create a set of orders tool got stuck in a loop with some assemblies.
Sales orders despatched on or after 01 Apr 15 will no longer discount VAT if a prompt payment discount is offered.

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