Back in the 1980’s I visited a small electronic sub-contract assembly company in Newbury. It was called Osborne Electronics, founded by Clive Osborne, who was now looking for a stock control system. Something simple and cheap. He started using Herschel.

Over the next decade Osborne Electronics, with a little bit of help from Herschel, grew to a turnover of GBP 15 million and it was sold to a PLC in 1996.

A couple of years later Clive started another, similar business, called CemGraft Ltd. This, too, used Herschel to control the business, and grew to GBP 18 million turnover in 2005 – when it was sold to a private company.

Both Osborne Electronics and Cemgraft were important in the development of today’s Herschel package. A lot of the system’s neat features (such as being able to cannibalise works order kits, and mark works orders as fast track) were the result of Clive saying, “we need to be able to do this, now”.

I guess Clive must really enjoy making stuff, as he’s now setting up a new factory to produce a revolutionary range of super efficient low voltage infra red heating panels.

And he’s using Herschel, yet again.